updated 26-Nov-2021

Welcome to Herb Taylor Instruments

I am an independent luthier making the best bouzoukis, citterns, mandolins, mandolas, mando cellos, guitars, and tenor guitars I can, to the highest standards of lutherie. My creations are all unique one-of-a-kind instruments and are my own design, not copies of big-name factory instruments. I seek out unusual and beautiful woods, generally avoiding plastic bindings and heavy "sunburst" stains (originally developed to hide the poorly-finished edges of instruments). I prefer to let the quality materials show their beauty naturally.

If you want a Martin or Gibson look-a-like, you won't find it here. But if you seek something a little different (yet still restrained and in good taste, within mainstream tradition), I invite you to audition one. There are videos of all currently available instruments, so you can get an idea of how they sound.

"Superb craftsmanship, gorgeous woods, beautiful sound, effortless setup,
all at affordable prices -- Herb Taylor is a great builder!" - Bob Margo

Video of musicians at OFlaherty Irish Music Retreat jamming on 3 of my instruments

The whistle player is trying one of Gene Milligan's whistles.

Youtube also has videos of several of my instruments, including a
clip of Mason Brown playing one of my 12-string guitars. Click to search YouTube for Herb Taylor